Commando character for Borderlands 2 is Axton. Because release of the game is way ahead we do not know much about Axton’s bio yet. We know that he was in a military, so does his wife. He wears her dog tag, so he is out there looking for revenge, spreading terror on the lands of Pandora.

Axton and his turret

His main extra power is his Turret 2.0 which was manufactured by the Dahl corporation – the biggest weapon manufacturer on planet Pandora. Turret 2.0 is bigger and looks scarier than Scorpio Turret! It can be deploy and… we can deploy it back so it’s not gonna use precious cool down time. Later in the game turret will get the ability to be deployed on the wall, launch rockets etc. It all depends of the way we will choose our skills in a Skill Tree. As before by killing and completing quests you will reach new levels and skill points that can be distributed according to Axton’s level.

Axton can evolve his Tree Skills, which are:

1. Gunpowder tree – it allows to improve medium-range attacks like explosives and to some point sniping. So far known features from this skill tree are:

  • Impact – +4% Gun Damage and +3% Melee Damage per level.
  • Do Or Die – Allows you to throw grenades while in Fight for Your Life. +10% Grenade and Rocket Launcher damage.
  • Expertise – +14% weapon swap and aim speed per level; +7% movement speed when aiming per level.
  • Overload- +10% Magazine Size for Assault Rifles.
  • Metal Storm – killing an enemy gives +12% Fire Rate and +15% Recoil Reduction per level for a short time.
  • Steady – +8% Recoil Reduction, +5% Grenade Damage, +4% Rocket Launcher damage per level.
  • Battlefront – +6% Gun, Melee, and also Grenade damage per level while turret is deployed. Very effective when using high damage weapons.
  • Longbow Turret – +10000% Turret Deploy Range, +110% Turret Health.
  • Duty Calls – +5% Gun Damage and +3% Fire Rate with non-elemental guns.
  • Do or Die – allows you to throw grenades while in Fight for Your Life. +10% Grenade and Rocket Launcher damage.
  • Ranger – +1% Gun Damage, Accuracy, Critical Hit Damage, Fire Rate, Magazine Size, Reload Speed, and Maximum Health per level.
  • Nuke – Deploying your Sabre Turret sets off a small Nuclear Blast.

2. Guerrilla Tree – helps Axton with short distance fight while surrounded by enemies. This set of skills are all about turret and its ability.

  • Sentry – +1 shot per burst and +2s duration for Sabre Turret per level.
  • Ready – +8% Reload Speed per level.
  • Laser Sight – +10% Turret Accuracy per level.
  • Willing – +15% Shield Recharge Rate and -12% Shield Recharge Delay per level.
  • Onslaught – killing an enemy gives you +6% Gun Damage and +12% Movement Speed per level for a short time.
  • Able – damaging an enemy regenerates 0.4% of your Maximum Health per second per level for 3 seconds.
  • Scorched Earth – adds Multi-Rocket Pods to your Sabre Turret. 22 Rockets per Volley.
  • Grenadier – +1 Grenade Capacity per level.
  • Crisis Management – +7% Gun Damage and +6% Melee Damage per level when shields are depleted.
  • Double Up – gives a second gun to the Sabre Turret and both guns fire Slag bullets.

3. Survival Tree – bunch of skills that will improve strength, stamina, defence, fire rate and physical abilities of our character in general. Less focused on turret. Skills in Survival Tree:

  • Healthy – +6% Maximum Health per level.
  • Preparation – +3% shield capacity per level; regenerate 0.4% health per second per level when shields are full.
  • Last Ditch Effort – +8% Gun Damage and +14% Movement Speed per level during Fight For Your Life.
  • Pressure – Up to +14% Reload Speed and -12% Shield Recharge Delay per level depending on how low your health is.
  • Forbearance – -8% Status Effect duration on you and +1% Maximum Health per level.
  • Quick Charge – killing an enemy regenerates 1% of your shield per second per level for a short time.
  • Phalanx Shield – your Sabre Turret projects a shield that attempts to block enemy ranged fire but lets friendly ranged attacks pass through.
  • Resourceful – +5% Action Skill Cooldown Rate per level.
  • Mag-Lock – Your Sabre Turret can be deployed on walls and ceilings.
  • Grit – you have a 4% chance per level to ignore damage that would otherwise kill you. In addition to not taking damage from the attack, you will also regain half your Maximum health.
  • Gemini – allows you to deploy two Sabre Turrets.

Overall Axton seem to be interesting Borderlands 2 character, very strong and his style may suits for most players. We must admit though, he is not much different from Roland.

See Axton’s gameplay. Enjoy!